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White-Box Computational Imaging: Measurements to Images to Insights

Computation and machine learning hold tremendous potential to improve the quality and capabilities of imaging methods used across science, medicine,...

2/29 11am
Robson and Li headshot

Our lab investigates how recurrent neural networks (RNNs) underlie cognitive and neuromodulatory states. We focus on stateful computations that integrate...

3/8 11am
The Methane Imperative

Anthropogenic methane emissions since 1850–1900 are responsible for around 65% as much warming as carbon dioxide (CO2) has caused to date, and large...

3/8 12pm
Lab-to-Launch Lounge

Join us this week as we sit down with Adam Slavney, Co-founder and CEO of Pascal and Tianyang Ye, Co-founder and CTO of Axoft. The Lab-to-Launch Lounge...

3/21 4pm
Hee-Sun Han headshot

Recent advances in measurement technologies have revolutionized our ability to characterize biological systems at unprecedented resolution and scale. Our...

3/22 11am

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Pierce Hall

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Pierce Hall

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