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The Strengths and Limitations of Equivariant Neural Networks

Despite the success of deep learning, there remain challenges to progress. Deep models require vast datasets to train, can fail to generalize under...

10/5 3pm
Structural Color: From Birds to Materials

Most colored materials owe their color to the absorption of light: certain wavelengths are absorbed and others transmitted. The color arises from the...

10/12 3pm
Lab-to-Launch Lounge

Join us this week as we sit down with Sanjay Sharma Timilsina, PhD, CTO and Co-Founder and Lead Scientist of Stata DX and Christian Reimer, PhD, Co-Founder...

10/12 4pm
Entropic Covariance Models

In covariance matrix estimation often the challenge is to find a suitable model and an efficient method of estimation. Two popular approaches are to impose...

10/19 3pm

Please stay tuned for information about upcoming Widely Applied Mathematics Seminars!

10/26 3pm

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