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LInc Talk: Understanding Group, Organizational, and Classroom Culture: An Examination of the 8 Cultural Forces

Ron Ritchhart, EdD

Nov 5, 2021
10:30 am to 11:45 am | Remote

Effective teaching requires more than good planning and instructional design; it also requires attention to the culture of the classroom in which those plans and designs are to be carried out. But how do we create culture? How do we shape and mold it so that it supports students’ development as thinkers and learners capable of deep understanding? This talk will demystify the creation of classroom and group culture through examination of the eight cultural forces: expectations, language, modeling, time, opportunities, routines, interactions, and environment. Using these eight forces as the levers of transformation, educators can forge a culture of thinking in their classrooms, across their schools, and in their organizations.


Speaker Bio

For over 25 years, Ron Ritchhart served as a Senior Research Associate and Principal Investigator at Project Zero, Harvard Graduate School of Education where his research focused on understanding how to develop, nurture, and sustain thoughtful learning environments for both students and teachers. His interest in creating cultures of thinking has led him to conduct research in such areas as intellectual character, mindfulness, thinking dispositions, teaching for understanding, creativity in teaching, and the development of communities of practice. Ron believes that teaching is a complex art and science that must be understood in context. Consequently, a strong theme of learning from best practice runs throughout all of Ron’s research and writing.

After leaving Harvard in 2021, Ron has continued his classroom and school-based research and writing to further the ideas of visible thinking and the creation of schools as cultures of thinking.

Ron is a sought after speaker for his ability to connect with and engage fellow educators in these powerful, big-picture ideas, while simultaneously providing useful insights into and practical ideas for advancing the complex world of teaching and learning. Ron’s ability to seamlessly merge theory, research, practice, and application together in a highly accessible and engaging manner has made him a best-selling author of numerous books including Intellectual Character, Making Thinking Visible, Creating Cultures of Thinking, and his latest, The Power of Making Thinking Visible.



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