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Lab-to-Launch Lounge

Adam Slavney

Tianyang Ye

Thursday, Mar 21, 2024
4:00 pm to 6:00 pm | Pierce Hall, 209

Join us this week as we sit down with Adam Slavney, Co-founder and CEO of Pascal and Tianyang Ye, Co-founder and CTO of Axoft.


The Lab-to-Launch Lounge (LLL) series brings Harvard graduate students in CxO roles back to campus to hear how they launched their research out from Harvard labs:

* how did they get here

* what would they do differently--and what they would not do at all--if a student again

* anything else on your mind

Join the discussion, meet fun people, grab a bite, and leave with new ideas. Open to the Harvard community.

Speaker Bio


Tianyang Ye is the CTO and co-founder of Axoft, a company that provides bio-inspired implantable devices to promote long-term communication with the nervous system. Ye holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Harvard University and was previously a Fellow at Harvard’s Office of Technology Development, where he translated academic research from Harvard labs into industry application and strategized commercialization roadmaps for research lab innovations. Ye’s research at Harvard focused on bioelectronics, a field at the intersection of nanotechnology and bio-engineering. His work has helped the team perfect their sensors’ reactivity to the electrical signals emitted from our cells. Axoft’s flagship product is a scalable implant that can be used to treat long-term neurological disorders. The company recently raised $8 million in seed funding to expand its product offerings and accelerate growth


Adam Slavney is the CEO and co-founder of Pascal, a company that is developing a novel class of solid refrigerants to transform the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry. Slavney earned his Ph.D. in chemistry from Stanford University in 2019 and previously held a postdoctoral fellowship at the Harvard University Center for the Environment, where he worked in Jarad Mason’s laboratory. Slavney is a chemist and materials scientist who makes and studies porous materials for the capture, storage, and chemical transformation of environmentally important gases Pascal’s solid refrigerants operate in the same pressure range as gaseous refrigerants but with zero global warming potential. This technology can unlock increased energy-efficiency at reduced system sizes, paving the way for next-generation heating and cooling solutions. The company recently raised $15 million in Series A funding to expand its product offerings and accelerate growth.


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