Atmospheric & Environmental Chemistry Seminars

Atmospheric Radicals from the Troposphere to the Stratosphere

Freja Oesterstroem, Ph.D., Harvard University

Feb 4, 2022
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm | Remote

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Atmospheric radicals are central in atmospheric oxidation in the entire atmosphere, driving the chemistry in both the troposphere and the stratosphere. In this talk, I will show results from several outdoor and indoor air studies relevant to the troposphere using experimental and theoretical methods. The kinetics of the reaction of CH3O2 and HO2, which are some of the most dominant radicals in the troposphere, will be described as well as results from a modelling study of indoor air using a near-explicit chemical scheme. In a separate study, the atmospheric chemistry of the stratosphere will be explored with a focus on the ozone layer. This work uses a 3D chemical-climate model to investigate the impact on stratospheric ozone from explosive volcanic eruptions in contemporary as well as future scenarios.


Zhen Qu

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