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Atmospheric & Environmental Chemistry Seminars

Pushing the Limits of Satellite Data for Tropospheric Composition Research and Applications

Bryan N. Duncan, NASA

Nov 8, 2019
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm | Pierce Hall, 100F

Satellite data have been used successfully for over a decade for tropospheric composition research as well as health and air quality applied research. The utility of future observations will grow because of advances in sensor technology, implementation of new orbit strategies, and continued retrieval algorithm development. In this presentation, I will illustrate the potential of satellite observations going forward, giving examples from my current research and satellite projects that I’m involved in. For example, I will discuss how carbon dioxide emissions from global power plants may be inferred using observations of co-emitted nitrogen dioxide, how tropospheric OH may be indirectly constrained (maybe, maybe not), how the current observing strategy may be improved to better observe Arctic change, and other examples.


Yuzhong Zhang


Yang Li