Computer Science Lecture Series

Global Visibility into the Internet’s Security and Performance

Liz Izhikevich (Stanford University)

Tuesday, Apr 2, 2024

Internet security and performance problems often brew invisibly. Protecting and improving the Internet’s operations requires real-time visibility into networks and their users. However, the Internet's size, ephemerality, and diverse deployment patterns challenge visibility. In this talk, I will show how building data-collecting systems that rigorously account for the Internet's complexities reveal previously unseen critical operational challenges and threats. These include the discovery of billions of often-vulnerable IPv4 services and convoluted satellite routing patterns that take detours around the world.

Speaker Bio

Liz Izhikevich is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Computer Science Department at Stanford University. Liz builds high performance network analysis systems and applies statistical analytics to understand and improve the Internet's performance and security. Her work has received ACM IMC's Community Contribution Award and has seen widespread adoption across industry and government. Liz is a graduate of UC San Diego (BS '17, MS '18), an NSF Fellow, Stanford Graduate Fellow, and EECS Rising Star. 


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