Applied Physics and Applied Mechanics Colloquia

Design of Interface Electrochemical Evolution for Advanced Energy Storage Devices

Xin Li

Friday, Feb 16, 2024
11:00 am to 12:00 pm | Pierce Hall, 209 | Remote option

Energy storage devices and systems are crucial components to drive global electrification and fight against climate change. Advanced energy storage devices beyond commercial lithium ion batteries are thus needed for lower cost, better safety, and higher performance metrics, to overcome the shortages of the commercial battery system. Solid state battery and sodium ion battery are such competitive candiate technologies. This talk will focus on understanding the fundamental interface reaction and evolution electrochemistry in related battery materials and devices and discuss the design opportunities for advanced batteries. Specifically, unique electrochemical reaction at solid-solid interface will be discussed, understanding of which forms the opportunity to design solid state batteries with breakthrough performance. The electrochemical structural evolution at atomistic level in sodium ion battery cathode materials will also be introduced, which forms the foundation to understand structure property relationships for advanced sodium ion battery design.


AP/MSME Colloquium Series


Douglas Woodhouse