Applied Algebra and Geometry Seminar

Conditions for Absolute Delay Stability

Polly Yu, Harvard University

Mar 21, 2023

Some chemical and biological models use a system of delay differential equations (DDEs) instead of the usual ODEs, with the assumption of instantaneous consumption but delayed production. Stability of DDEs can be determined by solutions to a transcendental equation (similar to locating the roots of the characteristic equations in the case of ODEs). In this talk, I will motivate and introduce delay models for chemical systems, and provide a sufficient algebraic condition that guarantees its delay stability independent of parameters (i.e., absolute delay stability). In particular, this condition also implies asymptotic stability when there is no delay in the system. Time permitting, I will introduce a graph-theoretic condition for absolute delay stability that in certain cases is easier to check. This is joint work with Gheorghe Craciun, Maya Mincheva, Casian Pantea.


Melanie Weber and Anna Seigal


Anna Seigal