A World of Patterns: A Holiday Science Lecture for Families

Howard Stone

Dec 10, 2023

What is symmetry? How are crystals formed? Where can we see patterns in our daily lives?

Beauty and wonder surround us every day. Our world is full of amazing patterns: from the smallest scale of molecules arranging into crystal structures such as snowflakes, to the stripes on a tiger, to large geological wonders like Devils Postpile. Join us at the 2023 Holiday Science Lecture for Families as we take a close look at some of the amazing patterns observed in nature and the science of their structure and formation. We will use experiments and interactive demonstrations to illustrate ideas of shape, symmetry, packing, and pattern formation!

Speaker Bio

Howard Stone holds degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of California at Davis and Caltech. He joined Harvard  in 1989 and moved to Princeton University in 2009. His research is in the areas of fluid dynamics, materials science, and applied mathematics. He enjoys teaching and the challenge of thinking about real-world problems. 


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