Science and Engineering Complex (SEC)

150 Western Avenue, Allston, MA 02134

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Sun & Fun @ SEAS - SEC After Dark

Tired of the cold? Come pretend it is summer at the SEC! We will have food, drinks, games, Harvard swag, & more!

2/22 4:30pm
Causal Inference for Robust, Reliable, and Responsible NLP

Despite the remarkable progress in large language models (LLMs), it is well-known that natural language processing (NLP) models tend to fit for spurious...

2/27 4pm
Understanding Language Models through Discovery and by Design

Whereas we understand technologies like airplanes or microprocessors well enough to fix them when they break, our tools for fixing modern language models are...

2/29 4pm
Generalizing Beyond the Training Distribution through Compositional Generation

Generative AI has led to stunning successes in recent years but is fundamentally limited by the amount of data available. This is especially limiting in the...

3/5 4pm
The L2M Series: Taking your research and ideas from lab-to-market

Office hours with 3 serial entrepreneurs. Good food and conversation provided. This month, we'll spend the first hour doing a deep dive into a particular...

3/6 12pm

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Science and Engineering Complex (SEC)

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